During the time I worked at the residential eating disorder treatment center, I found my curiosity piqued by the complexity of eating disorders. I became passionate about helping my clients return to a place of listening to and trusting their bodies rather than giving power to the “rules” about food they had been taught. In my practice, I utilize the principles of intuitive eating and take a Health-at-Every-Size approach to help people feel at ease in their bodies and in the presence of food.

In addition to the years of experience working with eating disorders and body image issues at the residential and outpatient level, I have also seen many within my private practice who have struggled with depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders, grief, low self-worth and self-esteem, or have a history of trauma to process and learn to cope with.

I have found more and more that the connection between the therapist and client is key in the process of healing and recovery. I take an integrative approach, tailoring therapy to meet the needs of the individual client. I pull from several forms of therapy including dialectical behavior, cognitive behavior, emotion-focused, and shame-resilience therapies. I want those I work with to feel that therapy is a collaborative experience, and I invite them to share feedback and concerns every step of the way.

Clients who enter my office feel safe, accepted, and understood. There will be moments of laughter amid the tears and pain, and there will be hard work. No matter what your journey of healing looks like, I will support you and help you to make changes that are necessary to live a wholeheartedly fulfilling life.

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